Door hangers can be a cheap way to advertise/market your business and are a great way to generate new business.

A door hanger is a plastic or cardboard sign, generally rectangular in shape, cut to hang from the handle or knob of a door.

Door Knob Hangers are great for canvassing a neighborhood. Restaurants, local businesses, and those who work in the home service industries use them almost exclusively to target new and existing customers.

Because your message is hanging on your client’s door, it is likely to be carried into your client’s home. Unlike the other advertising that your future client receives on the radio and on television, the door hanger typically stands alone without competition.

They can be used to disseminate information, to build name recognition, as service reminders, even as calling cards to let your customer know you paid them a visit.

The key to an effective door hanger promotion is the right design and the right call to action. Your design must reflect your company’s personality and your message has to induce the customer to buy and buy now. With an impressive door hanger design from D2 Designs, your message is very likely to be read.

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