All free standing signage applications need some sort of support and structure. 

Depending on the type of sign, and the size, there are various options of frames and stands for your sign. 

  • H-Stakes (H-Frames or Step Stakes) – are the industry standard stake for use with coroboard yard signs. Sometimes referred to as step stakes, these sign stakes have two horizontal rungs.
  • A-frame (Sandwich Board) – are a versatile, durable and affordable advertising solution. They are portable, easily changed and make sidewalk signs.
  • Banner stands – Compact and portable, Banners are designed for ease of use offering a unique professional, cost effective sign solution for trade shows, and other display needs. There are a variety of sizes available.
  • Angle Iron Frame – Very durable, heavy duty, commonly used for real estate, there are a variety of configurations, including riders for the top and bottom of the sign.
  • T-bar – Made of 3/4″ angle iron and black in finish, Has a welded foot push, steel cross bar and 4 mounting hole.
  • Wood Posts Frame – Large or small, wood posts are an inexpensive way to display your signage, temporarily or permanently wood posts are a great material for sign frames.

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