Heat transfer is a decorating process which uses heat-applied materials and a heat press (large iron) to transfer designs and images onto various garments.

Thermal Vinyl

Often used for production of single run designs or names and/or numbers on T-shirts and jerseys. This method involves application of designs cut from temperature sensitive vinyl, which is available in a variety of colors, textures, and effects (i.e. reflective, glow-in-the-dark, etc.). Thermal vinyl capabilities are limited to spot color, vector designs.


Digital Thermal

Digitally printed thermal vinyl combines the durability of heat transfer vinyl with the ability to produce high-quality digital images, this method involves using a printer/cutter to produce a full-color image and a vector cut path, which is then heat applied to garments and accessories of any color.


Screen Print Transfer

Using the same method and setup as direct screen printing, screen printed transfers are printed in reverse (mirrored) onto transfer paper. The next step is where there’s a difference. A powder adhesive is applied to the final printed layer and then partially cured. When the time comes to apply to the garment, the transfer is placed in position and applied with the heat pres, which finishes curing the ink, as well as bonding to the substrate using the adhesive.

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