Our simple 5-step process makes your marketing experience with D2 Designs a breeze.

Step 1 – Media Consultation

Your initial contact starts with a media consultation, where you can discuss your work order with a friendly professional and request a quote.

All special artwork instructions will need to be specified and if you require a specific deadline we need to know. Custom and/or complicated quotes that require a little research may take a few days.


Step 2 – Sales

The sales department will generate a sales order from your quote request. A signed copy of the sales order must be turned-in in order to proceed with the work order.

If changes are requested, submit the changes in writing, you will then receive a revised sales order. Once the sales order is signed and approved you are required to put 50% down payment on all orders greater than $100.00, and paid in full if less.


Step 3 – Art

After payment has been submitted, the job(s) for the work order will then be sent to the art department. The art department will create a mock up of the final product within 2 business days, unless a rush has been applied.

Once the artwork is complete, the art department will then send an art for approval form to you, at which time you can either approve or make changes. If changes are requested a new art for approval will be generated and this process will repeat until the art for approval form is signed.


Step 4 – Production

Once the artwork has been approved, the work order will be sent to production. A due date will be scheduled if one hasn’t already been assigned, due to a rush or deadlines.

If you wish to make changes once production has started, you will be responsible for any/all fees associated with the change.  and jobs will be completed in a F.I.F.O. (First In, First Out) manner.


Step 5 – Delivery

After all the jobs in the work order are complete, any outstanding money due will be collected before handing the items over, unless otherwise stated (Approved) by management ie. net 15, 30 terms. You will then be notified that your items are ready and can be picked up; or you can make arrangements to have your products delivered.