A tent card is a card used for the display of an advertisement and is imprinted and folded so that it is readable on either side of the fold and can stand free on a table top, counter, or other flat surface.

Often, tent cards are used in restaurants to advertise the specials or a new wine or liquor that patrons may wish to try. Tent cards can be customized to meet all of your needs—from promotional to personal. Highlight a discount and send to existing and potential customers, or keep it more personal with loved ones and clients with a personalized greeting card for holidays, birthdays, or just to say “thanks”. And if you’re organizing a special event, look no further tent cards are perfect as announcements and invitations!

A printed display shaped like a pop up tent that can be placed on a table to promote menu items. Another popular application for these durable materials is as desk calendars. They are also popular as point of sale promotional items just about anywhere.

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