Vinyl is an extremely versatile option for signage because it can be used for everything and applied to just about any solid substrate. Vinyl is a semi-permanent highly effective solution for delivering your message.

There are two CATEGORIES of vinyl, Calendared and Cast, and two TYPES of vinyl solid color and digitally printed, all of which can be contour cut to just about ANY shape(s) imaginable.

Vinyl Categories

Calendared is your more common vinyl used for smaller decals and spot color applications. It is intended to be applied to a flat surface. This should be used for low traffic, indoor and some outdoor projects. It can be digitally printed and laminated to increase its durability and outdoor life.
Cast vinyl is your premium vinyl reserved for larger applications and substrates that have a curved, or general uneven surface. It is intended to be used for outdoors and for vehicle graphics. It can be digitally printed and can be laminated to increase its durability and outdoor life.

Vinyl Types

Solid Color Vinyl

Solid Color Vinyl is vinyl whose color is determined at the time of production when they are dyed with pigments to the desired color. There are a variety of colors to choose from, but theses colors are limited to only a few shades of each color. There are also metallic, reflective, neon and other special effect vinyls.

Digitally Printed Vinyl

Digitally Printed Vinyl is a white base vinyl whose color is ultimately determined by the design being printed. You are only limited by imagination with this full color digital media.

Laminate (Finish)

Lamination is a special type of vinyl that uses pressure sensitive adhesives to bind a see thru film to the material being laminated. It is used to extend the life of vinyl graphics as well as add a layer of protection. This is the equivalent of adding a clear coat to something that has been painted. You should only use laminate on jobs that are at risk of being scratched, if your client wants the vinyl to last longer than 5-7 years or is in direct sunlight for most of the day. There are 2 basic levels of visual appearance:
1.    Matte – This is a non-reflective finish that has a slightly granular look. Matte finishes tend to make image colors more vivid.
2.    Gloss – This is a clear finish that brings out and emphasizes colors. It makes images look brighter, adds definition and radiance.


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